xQc & Adept have heated real-life confrontation before ending both Twitch streams

Once again, xQc was in jail for breaking the law in GTAV RP. Adept was going to release him on parole, but like xQc always does, he made it difficult. For xQc, this was entirely normal behavior for his character, but it seemed like he was going overboard to Adept.

Adept tried to handcuff xQc to release him on parole, but he resisted the entire time. The Adept decided to play xQc's game by getting other 'non-defective cuffs, taking her time, and leaving xQc in the cell. xQc commented that she was 'stalling' as they dealt with the situation.

This behavior falls within the bounds of xQc's usual antics as Jean-Paul in GTAVRP. It was apparent that Adept was becoming increasingly upset, believing that he was serious.

When outside, things escalate between xQc and Adept in-game and in real life

Eventually, Adept escorted xQc out, which xQc did not comment on. As Adept released xQc from his handcuffs, he began attacking her. Adept said she knew he would attack her and tried to stop him.

xQc won the encounter and took off running before more officers came to help Adept. Adept played for a bit longer before crying and ending her stream. xQc, on the other hand, went on a drive and accused Adept of attacking him first.

A few minutes later, in xQc's stream, Adept came in and spoke to him. xQc had put his mic on mute to make sure they could talk, but Adept told him to take it off mute, so everyone could hear. This argument was both uncomfortable and revealing:

Adept: You wanted to talk
xQc: You wanted me to unmute, I unmuted it
Adept: Are we going to go talk like you wanted to talk
xQc: You said unmute I unmuted it.
Adept: Right, because I'm tired of hiding behind this f***ing s*** that you do every f***ing time
xQc: Okay, now I admitted to you, the other day, that in character I was malding and out of character I--
Adept: Don't go there with all of that
xQc: Okay but--
Adept: Do you want to end so that we can have the talk that you asked me for, or not.
xQc: Okay, can I[unintelligible] before?
Adept: That is the question.
xQc: Okay, can you understand, that I always do this, and it's not t--
Adept: Oh my God...

It goes on like that, but this is a concise piece of a long-winded argument.

The two released these tweets after:

There are many who don't understand why Adept instructed xQc to unmute the chat to reveal the argument, and it is an uncomfortable thing to witness. Hopefully, this does not suggest real problems in the relationship between the two, and if it does, whatever is going on between them will hopefully be handled out of the public view. It is normally best when couples don't receive any hate or intrusive fans, they should be left alone in situations like this.

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