xQc's fourth GTAV RP ban has been lifted by NoPixel

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For those who don't know, xQc was given a fourth ban in two months from the GTAV RP NoPixel server. He was banned for several reasons, and he has been working hard to get the ban lifted. There have been many delays, but it seems that the ban is finally going to be lifted.

xQc started his ban by claiming there was no reason to punish him and ended it by admitting fault. He was harassing players, playing loose with the RP rules, and being a bit of a nuisance. xQc stated that he was mass reported for his actions; however that won't be a problem this time.

"They know I'm dumb but I don't have malicious intent most of the time. Whenever there is a rule break I get mald to the point where I do a rule break. All the Malding Andy's who know I am back are going to report me for everything that is not a problem," - xQc on stream.

What do the players think?

xQc's ban had divided the community down the line. Some people thought that xQc is a benefit to the server, even though he breaks the rules. Others acknowledge xQc committed crimes that typically have severe consequences and should not be allowed to get away with it.

Koil himself, the head of NoPixel, claims that anyone else would have been permanently banned a long time ago. According to Sykunno, xQc is needed in the GTAV RP, and that he encourages others to join the server. Many other streams have expressed interest in joining since xQc joined, and it is rumored that Corpse Husband will soon join.

When will xQc return?

xQc will return on April 30th or May 1st. Unfortunately, he didn't give a very clear date on when he would return. To have it in xQc's own words:

"I am pleased to announce the official return of Jean Paul tomorrow night [he said this on April 29th] at midnight,"

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