xQc finally gets a response from Koil, owner of NoPixel, regarding his GTA RP appeal

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xQc's efforts to get back into their GTA RP server were finally acknowledged by NoPixel. xQc was banned for the fourth time from the GTAV RP server for 30 days. Each time xQc was banned for breaking the rules, he caused a great deal of controversy by complaining about it.

NoPixel is not going to let off xQc easily

Recent comments from xQc have been back and forth between stating he doesn't care about his ban to suggesting that it bothers him. Just yesterday, xQc played a game of Slither.io as he said that he didn't care if he ever goes back to the game and that his ban was unjust. After a while, xQc requested that Koil, the owner of NoPixel, unban him.

xQc said:

"Koil unban me dude… Koil can you unban me, can you please do it man? I'm a little bit addicted but who isn't? It's a fun game."

xQc struck some luck because while Koil was streaming, he came across xQc's video and heard his plea. Unfortunately, Koil didn't seem to care very much that xQc was frustrated with his position. Immediately after hearing xQc's request, Koil laughed.

Before laughing again, Koil said:

"Even his hair looks messier and unhappier than usual. Like, I think he actually legitimately loves it, but I don't think he wants to… I don't think he wants to say it."

Koil does not seem to care about xQc's frustration

The fact that Koil found the situation funny is a bad omen for xQc. It does not seem like Koil is empathizing with xQc at all, and for a good reason. It may have been forgiven if it was xQc's first ban, but he gets banned so often that no one feels bad for him.

Many think that xQc will leave GTA RP altogether before his ban is lifted, but this seems unlikely since he hasn't stopped talking about the game since his ban. xQc enjoys GTARP and will most likely wait the required amount of time to be free from his ban. It appears that xQc will have to wait the entire month based on a response from Koil, owner of NoPixel.

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