Sam “Adeptthebest” weighs in on xQc’s NoPixel's GTA RP server ban

xQc being banned on the NoPixel GTA RP server should be no surprise to anyone who follows him because it's happened four times already. Since being banned again on April 18th, 2021, xQc has tried repeatedly to get his ban appealed, but to no avail. The other bans have all been lifted within days, but this one may be the one that stays the entire month to teach xQc a lesson.

Although xQc had his previous bans lifted quickly, he still thinks NoPixel is biased against him. A bias may explain how he could get four bans over two months, but it doesn't explain how he got them all lifted. After this new ban, the owner of NoPixel, Koil, stated that he is tired of xQc breaking server rules.

While her point of view may be subjective considering that she is xQc's girlfriend, Sam 'Adeptthebest' has a different perspective. Adeptthebest said that she misses xQc and that he made the server more enjoyable. Even though xQc makes Adeptthebest's server experience more interesting, the people xQc harassed may not be having as much fun as Adeptthebest and xQc.

xQc's fourth NoPixel GTA RP server ban is a lot lighter than his others, but it is not unjust

xQc believes the ban came from three big reasons. xQc had an "altercation" with the server police force, and after being killed, he dropped his weapons. Added to these two offenses are the multiple recordings of xQc abusing other players during his streams. Knowing that xQc admits to having done these things, it becomes obvious why Koil believes lifting the ban will not teach xQc a lesson.

While xQc initially stated he would not rejoin the GTA RP server, he has tried more than once to appeal his way back in. We don't yet know how long this ban will last, but it is clear the ban is meant to put xQc back on track.

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