XQC criticizes weapons and aim in Apex Legends

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After explaining the situation briefly, it was apparent why Felix' xQc' Lengyel is having trouble adjusting to Apex Legends lately. Many shooters simulate realism using different methods, and not all of them are similar. The game Apex Legends enjoys doing things differently.

A lot of xQc's issues come down to the gunplay and visual effects in Apex Legends. He recently fought back against viewers mocking his shooting ability in a live stream. Although he blamed the game for the problem, he should get used to it since it's not a bug but a feature.


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xQc doesn't like the gunplay in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is getting many streamers involved. xQc is one of them. The accuracy of xQc was the lowest I've ever seen, following a rather ugly gunfight with an opposing Bloodhound. The streamer was mocked in the chat by many viewers who thought the same thing.

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The streamer didn't let this go either, quoting him:

"Stop saying 'sick aim' okay? These guns--you hold left-click, and the world starts exploding. Fireworks out the front, earthquake out the bottom, f**king churning out the a**. You can't see s*** anymore, dude."

In Apex Legends, firing a weapon is supposed to be a big deal. There is a lot of power behind these weapons. In this sense, muzzle flashes and screen shakes are distracting to xQc. Though this is a common experience for Apex Legends players, it might seem a little unsettling for someone who doesn't play the game often.


Nevertheless, it's something to get used to, not something to blame.

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