Is TimTheTatman Going To Quit Call of Duty: Warzone?

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In a recent game of Call of Duty: Warzone, TimTheTatman exploded. Upon being killed by another player, he was shocked to find it was a hacker. Even worse, the hacker was closing in on a 100/0 KD ratio, which highlights Warzone's flawed anti-cheat system.

TimTheTatman observed as the hacker took out multiple opponents with blatant auto-aim. Toward the end, he shouted at the cheater in the angriest rant I've ever seen. It's not unusual for streamers to do this when they see something like that, but many wonder if TimTheTatman is serious.


Did TimTheTatman Quit Warzone

Don't get me wrong, this doesn't look very good. TimTheTatman seems like he will leave the game and won't stick around for very long. This is simply because several streamers have already quit. CouRage JD, DrDisrespect, and very recently NickMercs have left Warzone.

To quote TimTheTatman:

"Let him, let him get a one hundred kill death ratio... Thank you and there is no automated system, right? Nothing, that’s got a hundred KD. I wish, I didn’t like the game because that would make me be able to step away a lot easier."

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The game can't lose its best streamers. This will significantly harm the game. Additionally, streamers leaving and moving to other games are good for those games since streamers have commitments. DrDisrespect demonstrated this by making sure he didn't look bad to Apex Legends' fans.

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Likewise, TimTheTatman may opt for EA's Apex Legends, which maintains a healthy player base. Despite the hacker and cheater disruptions in the lobby, Apex seems to be in control for now. We will post another article if his leaving is confirmed.