GTA Online Player Pulls Off Gnarly Tony Hawk-Style BMX Prison Escape

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.
Credit: Image via the GTA Fandom Wiki.

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.
Credit: Image via the GTA Fandom Wiki.

Given the amount of time players spend committing all manner of crimes, from daring heists to explosive griefer kills, in GTA Online, it’s no wonder some of them end up behind bars.

Sure, unlike relegation to the infamous bad sport lobby, any GTA Online players visiting Bolingbroke Penitentiary are doing so by choice, but that hasn’t stopped them from staging a daring breakout from the facility once in a while.

One individual in particular has just taken the escape artistry to a whole new level, posting a video of them getting out of dodge using only a BMX bike.

GTA Online Player Shares Gnarly Tony Hawk Style BMX Prison Escape

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user StanOnlineyt shared a short clip of their successful bid for freedom, which begins on the prison roof, from which point a series of jumps and rail grinds that carry them over the catch fences and out into the promised land.

Several fellow players were impressed by the stunt, with user ZombieExtermina saying: “by law, you CANNOT be arrested again due to the prison and, by extension, the Law Enforcement community, being completely and utterly, quote, ‘styled on’”, while DialZforZebra added: “ya boy over here filming the Prison Break reboot”.

User faizoology jokingly pointed out that the trick could actually prove useful to players completing the game’s prison break heist, saying: “need to teach this to Rashkovsky, would save a world of trouble”.

User dlmurgatroyd- had a different outlook on the stunt, saying: “how funny would it (have) been (if) as you got to the highway then suddenly it just comes up wasted as a car hits you to end the clip”.

On the other hand, user mIster--WrencH shared a tip for those looking to try the stunt for themselves, saying: “Since the recent background update I've noticed you can get into the prison without wanted levels - I've been boosting over the fence in my Toreador.”

Meanwhile, user Stumbling_Corgi outlined the perspective of a guard trying to contain the myriad of X-games worthy escapees, saying: “As a corrections officer I can confirm we have no countermeasure for BMX. Our top people are on it, but as of today we can not counter this strategy.”

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