GTA Online Players Share Must-Have Nostalgic Rides For Retro GTA Fans

A promo screenshot of the Cheetah Classic.
Credit: Image via the GTA fanon wiki.

A promo screenshot of the Cheetah Classic.
Credit: Image via the GTA fanon wiki.

As was proven last year by the hype surrounding the definitive edition of the GTA trilogy before its disastrous release, GTA players can be susceptible to a little bit of nostalgia from time to time.

Given that GTA Online’s original heists have already begun to be seen in this light, you may not be surprised to learn that some players are finding ways to celebrate the older GTA games that they grew up with in 2022’s Los Santos.

One method of doing so, currently being showcased by players on Reddit, involves recreating classic cars from the streets of old school LS, Liberty City, and Vice City.

Old School Cars Return to the Streets of GTA

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user Haej07 posted an image their customised Banshee, captioning it: “When I used to play GTA III as a kid, I used to steal the blue banshee that looked just like this and do backflips on the same stunt jump in it for hours, I remade it today for the nostalgia.”

User villecity1080 shared that their go-to retro favourite is the Cheetah Classic added during the Gunrunning update, which evokes memories of speeding around the neon-soaked streets of Vice City.

Another Vice City favourite is the Sabre Turbo, which user marksepaki mentioned, adding that they’ve ensured theirs has the same red and white livery as the original, for maximum retro vibes.

Meanwhile, GTA IV garnered some love too, with user Character-End-3141 citing it as the reason they’ve invested in both the Sultan RS and Infernus.

Also receiving mentions for re-creation eligibility were the Stallion muscle car, which appears on GTA III’s cover, and the Infernus Classic, which reminds players of Vice City’s Lance Vance when given a fresh coat of white paint.

Overall, no matter the era of GTA that helped form your love for the series, there seems to be a nostalgic automobile in GTA Online to match it.

So, pick out your classic ride of choice, put on some old school tunes, and make sure to follow us for more GTA Online updates as new content is released.

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