GTA Online Players Share Love of Mugging Each Other

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.

Crime is a lifestyle in GTA Online, with every lobby offering a fresh gang of misfits living out their Tony Montana fantasies, complete with a diverse property portfolio, garage of exotic supercars and wardrobe full of intense fashion choices.

That said, it seems some players are still able to find joy in the simpler aspects of GTA life that have been in the game since the very start.

This love quickly became the crux of a thread in the GTA Online subreddit emanating from a post by user Infamous_Archer_3892, who kicked it off by sharing a humourous screenshot of a player being mugged for just four dollars.

GTA Online Players Love Mugging Each Other

The post was seemingly initially intended to play off of the ridiculousness of mugging someone for that kind of pocket change, with user Cosmo_X pointing out: “$1,000 mugging service to steal $4, profit!”

However, things quickly devolved into a kind of wholesome discussion of how much GTA Online’s player base enjoys the game’s mugging mechanic, which allows you to steal a small amount of cash from another player via an NPC mugger, provided they have the money on their person.

User EastCoastINC christened GTA muggings “the absolute best, most annoying troll move in the game” and Impossible-Charity-4 adding: “there’s literally nothing better than when a griefer falls victim to this old hat payback.”

Another user, MrPenitent, shared a story of them scoring $10k from another player in a few seconds using just a mugger and a Deluxo, adding: “The best sometimes though is just watching it for humour on the large minimap given the mugger will be a red circle once money has been taken.”

A couple of other users declared that they use muggers for a number of other functions, regardless of the profit it’ll net them, with testing the skills of low-level players and shutting up players obnoxiously talking trash in lobbies both featuring in the thread.

On the other hand, user brucethetriple summed up most GTA Online muggings with a line from The Dark Knight, saying: “It's not about money, it's about sending a message”.

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