GTA Online: The Three Best Arcades

GTA Online Arcades might not be as profitable as stealing cars or robbing banks, but the fact that they make you money on the side ensures that you’ll still be making that bread, at least.

It also helps that you get to play some fun mini-games, so while they might not be as crazy as a Rocket League ripoff with explosive balls, they definitely give players something to do while also making that sweet money.

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GTA Online: The Three Best Arcades

Unfortunately, GTA Online Arcades are costly and you won’t be making back your money for a while, especially since you have to spend millions just to buy the Arcade, let alone completing it with more machines.

Thankfully, there are other reasons to measure Arcades aside from their price, as we discuss the three best GTA Online Arcades that have more use than just making some money.

Warehouse Arcade

As mentioned previously, the Warehouse Arcade in Davis, Los Santos is useful for a number of reasons, despite its high price.

Purchasing the Warehouse Arcade lets players store 10 vehicles, so if you’re planning to steal some to make more money, definitely make purchasing this a priority, despite costing $2,135,000. 

Eight-Bit Arcade

Despite being the most expensive GTA Online Arcade, costing $2,550,000, the Eight-Bit Arcade in GTA Online still has its fair share of uses.

For one thing, the Eight-Bit Arcade is nearest to the Diamond Casino, so if you’re planning to do The Diamond Heist, you might as well make the plan in this Arcade.

Videogeddon Arcade

Videogeddon is the cheapest of the three, still costing a whopping $1,875,000, this Arcade in GTA Online does still have its uses.

Like Eight-Bit Arcade, this is fairly near the Diamond Casino and fans have pointed out that spawning an aircraft in this venue won’t get you into much trouble so this is a good buy.

GTA Online, which comes with GTA 5, is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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