GTA Online: How To Get Easy Money With Arcades

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GTA Online has added a plethora of ways to make money in the game, from planning bank heists, to completing Daily Objectives, and even selling properties.

If anything, the game should be commended for having a lot of variety and letting players make in-game currency without having to spend real money, though the fact that the option is there can be seen as scummy.

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GTA Online: How To Get Easy Money With Arcades

Arcades were added to GTA Online during The Diamond Heist update, giving you another way to make money, though players might be a bit disappointed with the results.

Once you’ve purchased an Arcade in GTA Online, you can fill them with free machines and make about GTA$3000 a day, which is an hour in real-time.

If you want, you can make up to GTA$6000 by filling your Arcade with all the necessary machines but players will have to spend millions if they want to do that.

Simply put, making all of your money back from this venture is going to be slow, maybe even a bit painful, but when you consider the other activities you can do, that shouldn’t be a problem.

We still think investing in GTA Online Arcades is a good investment, just because you’re able to make money on the side and plan The Diamond Heist, among other things.


Admittedly, this option might not be for everyone but the good part about GTA Online is that the game is filled with activities for you to do, so this shouldn’t really be a problem.

GTA Online, which comes with GTA 5, is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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