GTA Online: How To Sell An Apartment

GTA Online is about a lot of things; shooting people, blowing up a lot of things, taking part in a lot of vehicle-based activities, and making a lot of money.

This game truly captures what it’s like to be a criminal mastermind from a crime movie, to the point that you can do mundane things in this game, including selling cars and garages.

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GTA Online: How To Sell An Apartment

Funnily enough, cars aren’t the only thing you can sell as it’s also possible to sell apartments, though there’s a catch.

Unlike selling cars, selling apartments in GTA Online isn’t as easy as going to a pitstop and making some money.

Similar to selling garages in GTA Online, you have to max out the six properties you can buy, so once you’ve bought your seventh apartment, players will have to “trade” one of their previous apartments.

If the seventh apartment you're buying is more expensive than one of the six, you’ll have to pay extra, but if the seventh one you buy costs less, you get extra money.

Yeah, this game could make it easier to sell your apartments and garages but that would probably be too easy for players to make that money.

We can understand why Rockstar Games would make it a bit hard for players to sell their GTA Online apartments since it’s not easy to sell them in real life.

Hopefully, players don’t get too crazy with spending in GTA Online so they make sure to get the best apartments available in the game.

GTA Online, which comes with GTA 5, is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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