GTA Online Daily Objective: How To Dance In A Nightclub

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GTA Online is a game packed to the brim with activities for players to do, so if they want to race in cars or kill some gangsters, they can do both at different times.

It really is amazing how you can play tennis in one minute then play violent Rocket League the next but that goes to show how much effort the developers put into this game.

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GTA Online Daily Objective: How To Dance In A Nightclub

You can even run a club and dance with other people, which doesn’t sound impressive but it’s also something that can’t be done in real life right now, so, enjoy it.

Dancing in the club is also a GTA Online Daily Objective so, if you need a reason to do so, this might as well be the best one for players.

For those that don’t know how, simply head to one of many clubs available in GTA Online and rush to the dance floor, which should start a mini-game.

You’re pretty much done with the dancing Daily Objective for GTA Online here, just try to match the buttons shown and do your best.

Aside from clearing a GTA Online Daily Objective, players can also make some decent money if they dance perfectly with no beats missed so try to get them all.

While not as wild as the club dance scenes in Yakuza Zero, they can still be a bit fun to do and you get money from it, especially if they end up being a part of GTA Online Daily Objectives.

GTA Online, which comes with GTA 5, is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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