GTA Online Daily Objective: How To Participate In Bomb Ball Adversary Mode

GTA Online isn’t just GTA 5 in an online environment anymore, as the game has managed to incorporate impressive new gameplay mechanics like stunt racing, sports, and so much more.

The game has really evolved into its own beast and we can see why Rockstar Games will be selling a separate version that doesn’t come with GTA 5 once it comes to next-gen, especially since that game doesn’t let you participate in vehicular combat like GTA Online.

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GTA Online Daily Objective: How To Participate In Bomb Ball Adversary Mode

Similar to other online games, there are GTA Online Daily Objectives for players to complete, which lets them try out some of the game’s new features.

Many were already surprised when GTA Online started relying on more vehicle-based missions and races, but more people were shocked to see a more destructive version of Rocket League in the game called Bomb Ball, which happens to be a GTA Online Daily Objective.

For those that want to complete the Participate in Bomb Ball Daily Objective in GTA Online, it’s pretty simple.

All you have to do is pause the game, select Online from the pause menu, go to Play Job, pick Rockstar Created, head to Arena War, then, finally, pick Bomb Ball so you can finally start.

Like Rocket League before it, there are a number of arenas for players to go through and unlike the game that inspired it, Bomb Ball is a bit more violent as the balls, well, explode.

You shouldn’t have any complaints completing this GTA Online Daily Objective since players just have to participate, so they can, theoretically, lose if they just want to do the objective.

GTA Online, which is currently available with GTA 5, is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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