Is GTA 5 And GTA Online Going To Be Free?

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The phenomenon that is GTA grows with each passing month.

As we wait to see what is in store for the future of the franchise, particularly with the new iteration GTA 6, fans are wondering what is happening with the current active title.

GTA 5 has been out for almost 8 years and the game has grown from strength to strength but still harbours a price tag attached to it that may put some players off.

Will GTA ever become free-to-play?

Is GTA 5 Going To Be Free?

GTA 5 has only been made free once in its history when it was released on the Epic Games Store last year.

Players that downloaded the game during a certain window were able to snag the Rockstar game for free and got to keep it!

Grand Theft Auto V will release in the second half of 2021 on the PS5 with a new enhanced and expanded makeover.

Additionally, a standalone GTA Online version will be available for free on the PS5 exclusively.

But there's a catch: it will only be free for the first three months.

It's hard to say whether the game will ever go free-to-play fully unless Rockstar finds a robust way to support it financially.


Clearly, players are still willing to pay for the title. But if a company like Epic Games is willing to come along and sweetened the deal to have it on their platform, Rockstar and Take-Two will no doubt listen to offers.

If the game was free-to-play once, it may well become free again at a later date.

It's also worth mentioning that GTA is technically now free to those that own Xbox Game Pass.