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GTA Online: How To Increase Your Strength Stat

GTA Online is a game with so much gameplay that it can be really intimidating for newer players who might just want to race around in vehicles or shoot a bunch of NPCs but there is just a lot to do in this game.

Not only can you shoot people, rob banks, and play a game of tennis but there are also Stats for players to build up in GTA Online, making certain tasks easier if you’ve built up the right status.

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GTA Online: How To Increase Your Strength Stat

One Stat you’ll want to build up in GTA Online is the Strength Stat which improves your melee damage and decreases the damage you take from certain attacks.

There are actually a number of ways to increase the Strength Stat in GTA Online, like taking part in a lot of melee combat or playing sports.

However, if you want to quickly increase your Strength Stat in GTA Online and don’t mind wasting a lot of time, there is an easier way.

Easily the most ridiculous way to increase your Strength Stat in GTA Online is to invite one of your friends to a game, let them get in a car, then keep punching the car till your Stat levels up.

Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous but has proven to be an easy way to get the Strength Stat up fairly quickly in GTA Online, so if your friend doesn’t mind killing time like this you should be fine.

Just don’t do it till the Strength Stat is completely full because that’s just boring.

GTA Online is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC as part of GTA 5.