GTA Online: How To Increase Your Strength Stat

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GTA Online lets you create your own character for Los Santos. You get to choose how you live your life in the city. Not only can you shoot people, rob banks, and play a game of tennis but there are also stats that you can build up for your character. We're going to show you how to increase your strength stat.

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How To Increase Your Strength Stat

Playing the various sport-type activities in Los Santos can increase your strength stat. There are tennis courts dotted across the map where you can play tennis matches against other players or practice your skills alone. If you're not into playing sports then you can go fist to fist with other players or NPC's. Melee combat can be risky against other players as they could have a better stat than you or get fed up and shoot you to win.

However, if you want to quickly increase the strength stat there is an easier and arguably much safer way. The easiest way is to invite one of your friends to a game. Let them get in a car, preferably not their own one, and walk up to it. All you have to do is keep punching the car till your strength stat increases.


What Does the Strength Stat Do?

The strength stat is the measurement of how strong your character is. When you increase this stat, it will improve how much damage you can inflict in melee combat. It also decreases the damage you take from certain attacks.

GTA Online The Last Team standing official artwork. 3 players are covered in cuts, bruises and blood.
Being resistant to damage will be very useful in team survival matches against other players.

GTA Online is full of things to do and playing tennis or punching a car to increase your strength is just the beginning. We've got a guide that shows you how to make money this week. It's full of tips and tricks for making a quick profit. Also, we have a guide on how to turn off the voice chat if you want to silence other players.


Updated December 20th, 2021 by Marie Pritchard. Contributions from Nico Parungo.