GTA Online: How To Turn off Voice Chat

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GTA Online lets you play with other GTA fans around the world and as fun as this can be, it doesn't mean that you always want to hear them too. Voice chat is a great way of communicating with friends on missions but sometimes it's more distracting than helpful. This is why we're going to show you how to turn off voice chat.

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How To Turn off Voice Chat

To turn off voice chat, follow these simple steps:

  • Load into an online session.
  • Bring up your interactions menu (the small menu that appears in the top left corner of your screen).
  • Scroll down through the options until you come to "voice chat"
  • Flick through the given options until you come to "no one"
  • Select that option if you don't want to hear voice chat from anybody, friends included. If you do want to hear voice chat from your friends but not random players, then you can select the "friends" option.

Customising or turning off voice chat is as easy as that. However, we do recommend that you change these settings while you are in a safe area or inside a building you own. This is because you're vulnerable while changing settings and other players can easily target you.

Do the Voice Chat Settings Apply to Each Session?

Yes, they should do. Once you choose the voice chat settings that suit you, it should carry over into any session that you do. If it doesn't, then all you will need to do is reset it again by following the steps above.

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