GTA Online - How to make money this week

Knowing how to earn money this week in Grand Theft Auto Online is an easy way to fill your pockets, and fast. After all, having money means you can buy bigger cars, better guns, and even hire bodyguards to watch your back when you become important.

Grand Theft Auto Online's weekly update for the event week beginning March 31 is now live, running until April 7. This week players can earn plenty of cash and free content by executing a few easy tricks. For now though, here's how to get money fast in the latest weekly update.

If you're interested in becoming important in Los Santos, there are two things you can do. You can learn how to register as a VIP or you can learn how to buy a nightclub in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Triple and double money activities

Grinding out Bonus GTA$ and RP activities is a great way to earn large sums of cash very quickly. For the current event week, you can earn these bonuses:

At least 2x GTA$ & RP this week on -

  • A Superyacht Life Missions
  • Drop Zone
  • Madrazo Contact Missions

Twitch Prime rewards

Lucky Twitch Prime owners are massive discounts on some top cars just for being a GTA Twitch Prime member! If you've yet to link up your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts - be sure to do it now!

GTA Online Blue Annis Savestra Podium Car
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Spin the Lucky Wheel

Every day at the Diamond Casino, players will get a free spin on the Lucky Wheel.

This also has the opportunity to payout up to $50,000; That's enough to earn buy yourself a new LS Car Meet Membership! There's a really easy method to ensure you land on the segment you want, as well as a glitch to give you unlimited spins until you land on the segment you want.

Complete Time Tirlas

This week's Time Trial should be Sawmill with a Par Time of 02:15:000. Completing this can reward you with $100,000.

Complete RC Bandito Time Trials

This week's RC Bandito Time Trial should be Vespucci Beach, with a Par Time of 02:05:00. Like the Time Trial, completing the RC Bandito time trial can reward players with $100,000. Once completed, if you don't mind the grind, participating in this RC Bandito Time Trial again will pay out $1000 to $4000.

Those are some of the easier ways to earn money this week in Grand Theft Auto Online. However, if you're interested in playing longer heists then take a look at our guide on The Contract payout. Also, we have a guide showing you the Prize Ride this week and how to get it. This is how you can get a new car without buying it.

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