How To Find The LS Car Meet In GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Update

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Rockstar Games has released their new summer update, in the form of GTA Online Los Santos Tuners, and it adds a series of new tuner cars and events to enjoy on the streets of Los Santos.

If you're wondering where to get started, though, we have you covered. We've pulled together this quick guide to show you where to find the LS Car Meet in Los Santos, and how to get involved by becoming a member.


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Where is the LS car meet in GTA Online?

Finding the car meet is nice and simple, since it actually appears on the in-game map.


Once you log into GTA Online next you'll receive a email from Mimi which reads:

Hey Babe, few guys I know say you're a driver. You heard of the LS Car Meet? Its a little somethign takin over this town. You want in on it, you hit us up in cybpress flats. Mimi.

To find the LS Car Meet, you need to look for a 'LS' logo on the map, near to the Cypress Flats area on Los Santos' eastside.

Once you get there, you'll find a pretty nondescript building that looks as though it's seen better days.


That door with the blue graffiti is the entrance, so head over there and drop in for a visit. Weapons aren't allowed here, so watch your manners. When you head inside you'll start a new cut-scene with Hao, Mimi and a few other people.

After the cut scene ends you can explore the new social space and enjoy its many new features. Although, before you can actually interact with anything you'll need to become a member.

How to become an LS Car Meet Member?

You'll have to drop some GTA$ if you want to make the most of what the car meet has to offer. In fact, it'll cost you an eye-watering $50,000 to join the club.


To become a member, head over to Mimi and pay the price of entry.

What do you get for that? We're glad you asked.

You'll find Prize Ride Challenges with a chance to unlock a special vehicle, a new series of vendors, including a merch, tattoo, and mod shop, and the option to pick the lighting and banner colours - once you make it to high-level member status.