GTA 6 Release: Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Be On Nintendo Switch?

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With every day that passes by, the hopes of seeing GTA 6 on the current generation of consoles deminishes.

It's almost a guarantee that the new game will feature on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but what about the Nintendo Switch?

Will GTA 6 feature on the Nintendo Switch?

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Will GTA 6 Be On Nintendo Switch?

While we haven't had any official information, it's very unlikely that the game will appear on the Nintendo Switch.

Rumours suggest Grand Theft Auto 6 is being created to utilise the power the next generation of consoles and the Switch will unlikely make the cut.

Developers have also been raving about the SSD that will come with new consoles, something that will greatly benefit big open-world games such as GTA 6.

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Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch cartridges only offer 32GB of space, meaning that Nintendo would have to increase the size of their cartridges. GTA 5 is over 70GB in size and it's likely the new game will be even bigger.

Despite Rockstar Games releasing titles like LA Noir on the system, we've yet to see a GTA game arrive on any Nintendo platform; it's hard to see that changing.

If any GTA was to arrive on the Switch, it would likely be GTA 5. Considering the console is stronger than the PS3 (one of the consoles that GTA 5 debuted on) there's no reason it couldn't appear on the Switch.