GTA 6 Map: Why The PS5's SSD Will Make Grand Theft Auto 6 The Biggest And Most Detailed Yet

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The PS5 unveiled its hardware specs this week and while it was outmatched in most departments when compared to the Xbox Series X, the SSD secret weapon it holds could make GTA 6's map the biggest yet.

Everyone wants to know about GTA 6, everyone wants to know about the map and where it's set - rumours and leaks are running riot on the internet and they're only going to grow with the reveal of next-generation consoles.


So how can we be sure that the next map will be the biggest and most detail in the franchise?

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How Big Is The GTA 6 Map?

Supposedly, the GTA 5 map is just under 50 square miles - most leaning towards 47-49 to be more precise.


We can ultimately expect the map to be MUCH bigger. It sounds rather obvious, but on the current generation of consoles, it's likely it would only be expandable by so much.

However, with the next-generation and particularly taking into account the PS5's SSD, it could be DOUBLE the size.

Whether that's likely or not is unknown, it could be too much for one gamer to handle, but it would explain the long development time.

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So what's so special about the SSD in the PS5? An SSD has no moving parts and uses special chips to access data that allow for a significant boost in loading speeds; leading to load speeds of ten times faster than a standard HDD.

So when playing an open-world game like GTA 6, the data is loaded as you're exploring the game and can produce stutters and issues with the world loading. Having an SSD now means that these hiccups will never occur and it will be seamless.

The best part is it means more opportunities for detail and an overall bigger world.


Rumours that emerged back in July suggested that GTA 6 is set in both Vice City and a new fictional location based on Rio de Janeiro, with Liberty City also making an appearance. It could be this is a real possibility with the power of an SSD.