GTA Online Player Shocked By Apparent Chair Theft

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.

Stealing is an intrinsic part of any GTA game. After all, the series is called Grand Theft Auto for a reason and those who dream of living the criminal lifestyle need a means to finance their ludicrously expensive daily purchases.

So, no matter whether the items being nicked during a daring heist or mission are cars, illicit substances or just cold hard cash, GTA Online players have had an enthusiastic and relentless attitude toward pilfering over the years.

However, it now looks as though the consequences of these actions have come back to bite one unlucky player on Reddit and due to the item that’s been taken, they have no choice but to stand for it.

GTA Players Have Spent Years Robbing People, but Now the Tables May Have Turned

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user Kindly_Figure_624 began a thread by sharing an image of the computer desk at one of their in-game properties, highlighting a glaring omission by saying: “they stole my chair, can’t have (anything) in Los Santos.”

A number of users lined up to offer their commiserations to the seatless player, with ExplosiveDetonator emphasising the magnitude of the loss by saying: “with GTA online's inflation, the chair is worth more than the mountains of money lying around”, to which EskildDood added: “good office chairs are already expensive enough!”

Meanwhile, user Zootnoison offered some practical advice, referencing the copious piles of cash visible in the background of the image Kindly_Figure_624 posted by saying: “why don't you just buy a new chair with that Scrooge McDuck money in the background?”

Sadly, it seems this pragmatic approach would go against the mindset of GTA’s most affluent players, with user Archrockk replying: “we didn't become rich just by spending money. I'm still using the same teabag (after) ten years”.

Other users speculated as to the motive behind the crime, with Adanta47 paraphrasing The Joker by saying: “it’s not about money, it’s about sending a message” and, somewhat ironically, joker2814 offering the more grounded explanation of: “there was a lot more money, but they used the chair to wheel stacks of it out of the building.”

Concurrently, user AAKalam took a slightly different view, suggesting that aliens could be behind the theft.

So, make sure you update the security at your in-game properties next time you jump into GTA Online and follow us for more updates as new content, possibly involving Michael from single-player, is released.

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