Gotham Knights Leak Suggests a Spring 2022 Release

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Gotham Knights places the Batfamily in the biggest Arkham open-world yet. The RPG recently made an appearance at DC Fandome, unveiling a trailer that spotlighted the Court of Owls.

Following a delay from its initial launch this year, this upcoming DC title may arrive within the first half of 2022. First recognised by The Game Post, promotional art from the website of campaign artist, Jin Park, listed a Spring 2022 release window.


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Gotham Knights Leak Suggests A Spring 2022 Release

Park is working on the marketing and branding for Gotham Knights, posting the design yesterday. Despite immediately removing this piece, The Game Post managed to grab a shot of the art, which can be seen below.


While this isn't a guaranteed confirmation, Park's removal of this piece indicates some truth to the release date. However, Warner Bros. Games may have enforced this takedown as a launch date can always shift. We'll have to await confirmation from the company directly but, we'll inform you when we receive further news.

Another major DC gaming adaptation, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, also launches next year, developed by the Arkham Trilogy's Rocksteady Studios. The ensemble also received a trailer at DC Fandome, with the preview highlighting the chemistry between Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, and Harley Quinn.