Batman/Fortnite: Foundation One-Shot Revealed

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Another Batman/Fortnite crossover is coming at the end of October. Titled Batman/Fortnite: Foundation, the comic is a supersized one-shot that furthers Fornite's storyline and picks up where Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point left off. As its title suggests, The Foundation, a member of The Seven, will play a pivotal role.

The comic will also heavily feature The Batman Who Laughs, as hinted by the comic's cover.

With so many questions left from the previous series, Batman/Foundation: Foundation has a lot of ground to cover, and is sure to answer a lot of questions while leaving readers with many more.

Latest News

October 21, 2021 -

May different data miners are posting showcase videos of the new Batman Who Laughs Skin, such as the one above!

October 18, 2021 -

Fortnite The Batman Who Laughs
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The Batman Who Laughs cosmetics were leaked over the weekend, providing a look at an entire bundle of items for the Joker turned Batman. It looks like The Batman Who Laughs outfit will be free with purchase of the Batman/Fortnite: Foundation issue, as well as available in the Item Shop on the day of release along with bundled cosmetics.

As with other free comic items, it is expected that those who purchase the comic and redeem the code will receive a discount when purchasing the bundle from the Item Shop to obtain the rest of the items..

Batman/Fortnite: Foundation Release Date

Batman/Fortnite: Foundation is set to release on October 26, 2021. The comic will release both in physical and digital form

Batman/Fortnite: Teaser Trailer

Batman/Fortnite: Foundation Details

Batman/Fortnite: Foundation cover
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COVER: Very ominous, indeed

Both DC and Epic have been very secretive with the new one-shot, and all that fans know for sure is that both The Foundation and The Batman Who Laughs will feature in the comic.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point left off with Batman escaping the Zero Point and closing the rift above Gotham City. At the end of the last issue we see that the villains behind the rift opening were Lex Luthor and The Batman Who Laughs. They did not pull it off alone, though.

They had help from Doctor Slone.

What are IO's true intentions, and why are they working with such notorious DC villains?

How will The Foundation play into the new storyline?

What other DC heroes/heroines will show up in the book?

Well, there has been ONE more hint dropped:

DC: A few familiar faces show up
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Credit: Greg Capullo (DC) / Epic Games
DC: A few familiar faces show up

Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and at least one Green Lantern will at least make a cameo appearance in Batman/Fortnite: Foundation. Whether or not they will play a larger role than just appearing in a panel or two is still unknown.

Batman/Fortnite: Foundation Free Cosmetic Code

As with the other Batman/Fortnite comics, Batman/Fortnite: Foundation will feature a redemption code for a cosmetic item inside Fortnite. There is no word what this item will be, but many fans are hoping for a Batman That Laughs skin.

The previous issues each had a free item, and many had an accompanying item or bundle arrive in the Item Shop the day they were released. It is certainly possible that will happen this time as well, leaving many Fortnite players wondering what is to come.

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