Gotham Knights Spotlights The Court Of Owls in New Trailer

Gotham Knights is offering RPG action within Gotham's biggest open-world yet. Though gameplay was first revealed last year, Warner Bros. latest game became another development casualties to the COVID-19 pandemic, eventually pushed back to 2022.

Following that year-long hiatus, Warner Bros unveiled a new story trailer at DC Fandome last weekend. Adopting the comic's Court of Owls storyline, this new footage pits the Batfamily against various Talons and deadly traps.

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Gotham Knights Spotlights The Court Of Owls in New Trailer

In the reel below, Penguin is seen warning Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl about the discrete, yet dangerous Court of Owls. The Batfamilly are then seen traversing the underground structure belonging to the villains. From creepy dungeons to life-ending traps, an unusually placed Bat-signal is also present.

Furthermore, a behind-the-scenes showcase was also shown, where the comic book's writers - Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo - and DC's Chief Creative Officer, Jim Lee, talk about adapting the comic's plotline.

Snyder expresses the ways in which Knights is expanding on the storyline, confirming:

It took what we had done with Court of Owls but it just elevated it beyond a lot of the borders that we had.

Gotham Knights' Creative Director, Patrick Redding also highlights the videogame's designs of the vicious Talons and the variety of enemies that have been created:

So, like any good RPG. We're presenting you with a problem, and then we're presenting you with a range of potential solutions. And then players will have an opportunity to maximise that according to their own style.

While the latest footage places emphasis on the underground establishment, the Court of Owls is likely to be one of many antagonists within. A 2022 launch was also re-confirmed, but no specific release date was given. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is also launching next year, and a story trailer was separately unveiled during DC's annual event.

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