Is Going Medieval Multiplayer?

Going Medieval is a pretty great RTS game, as the Early Access title has managed to garner plenty of acclaim from fans already, with all sorts of fun management to be had and more to come.

The developers released a 2021 Road Map revealing a bunch of new content coming to the game that will make it an even better experience, but many are wondering if we’ll be getting a multiplayer mode anytime soon.

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Having a multiplayer mode in a game with RTS and management elements isn’t unheard of but it doesn’t seem like Going Medieval will be getting one anytime soon, at least for the time being.

Despite requests from fans that want a Going Medieval multiplayer mode, it wasn’t revealed in the most recent Road Map for the game but there’s always time to add one, whenever that happens.

Keep in mind that Going Medieval is still on Early Access so there’s a chance they can add it before or after the game has an official launch on Steam and other systems.

Considering how many RTS games have some form of multiplayer, it wouldn’t shock us too much if they gave Going Medieval a multiplayer mode before it comes out or even sometime post-launch.

Obviously, that will depend on fan requests and the developer’s capabilities so unless something is confirmed, fans are gonna have to speculate on rumors and hope for the best, though not much else.

Fans can currently purchase Going Medieval on Steam via Early Access, with an official release not getting confirmed yet.

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