Going Medieval: How To Get More Settlers

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Going Medieval has been going well these past few days on Steam, having launched in early access to decent praise.

The real-time simulation game by Foxy Voxel and Gramophone Games lets players build their own colony.


But in order to develop a colony in the game, you first need to get settlers. These could be considered as one of the most valuable resources in Going Medieval. But how exactly can you get more of these?

Well, do not worry, we got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.

How To Get More Settlers In Going Medieval

With the game being in its early access today, you may get more settlers in the game through limited but viable ways.


The first one is by starting the game with more settlers when you set it up. Select the Add New option to choose your own custom starting conditions.

Choose other settings and you may select how many settlers you will have when you start the game. Just set a number, and you will that number of settlers once you start. That'll give you a decent leg up, to begin with.

How To Get More Settlers In Going Medieval By Participating In Events

You may also participate in the recruit events in Going Medieval to further expand your settler count.

Some of these events will let you choose if you want to take a starving settler or not. Another one is the option to help some setters who are attacked by cannibals. These events may help you to get more settlers in the game.

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