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Going Medieval Roadmap 2021: What Updates Are Coming Next For Early Access Game

Going Medieval is currently one of the more popular games on Steam’s Early Access program, to the point that a number of players are hoping that it will eventually come to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Currently, Going Medieval is still in the Early Access stage and won’t be coming out yet but updates to the game have been constant, ensuring that we’ll get a smoother RTS by the time it finally comes out, whenever that happens.

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Going Medieval Roadmap 2021: What Updates Are Coming Next For Early Access Game

As we wait for the game to get an official release, the developers have revealed their Going Medieval Roadmap on Steam, showing us what will soon be coming to the game.

It’s a lot of new content for sure and we’re genuinely surprised that this is still Early Access, though there is a possibility that these features are being released so they can know what problems should be fixed.

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From what can be seen, some of the new things revealed from the Going Medieval Roadmap include features like weather changing, merchants, Grand Objectives, and so much more.


It will be interesting to see how players react to all these new features, though we’re sure they’ll give feedback on how to fix any problems that might arise.

Hopefully, the devs listen and we see this game get an official release soon since Going Medieval has got quite the fanbase.

Right now it’s probably best that Going Medieval stays in Early Access but we’re sure the game will make it out of there in no time.

Going Medieval is currently in Early Access on Steam.