Godfall Controls Layout Guide: PS5 Controller and PC List

Godfall might not be the most user-friendly game out there, like a lot of looter shooters, but it has managed to find an audience thanks to its fun combat and pretty graphics.

While fans would like an offline mode to make the grind for rare items more tolerable in single-player, it does seem like Godfall will do fine for however long its life will be, though here’s hoping the devs listen to fan feedback.

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Godfall Controls Layout Guide: PS5 Controler and PC List

Despite being hyped up as a PS5 launch game, Godfall was also released on PC and has also found an audience there.

However, the controls, like the user interface, can be a bit confusing and we’re here to help you out. Without further ado, here are the controls for Godfall on the PS5 and PC.

  • Movement – Left Stick (PS5), W A S D (PC)
  • Interact – Circle (PS5), C (PC)
  • Sprint – L3 (PS5), Left Shift (PC)
  • Evade – X (Cross Button), Space while moving (PC)
  • Light Attack – R1 (PS5), Left Click (PC)
  • Heavy Attack – R2 (PS5), Right Click (PC)
  • Block / Parry – L1 (PS5), Q (PC)
  • AIM / Weapon Technique (HOLD) – L2 (PS5), None (PC)
  • Swap Weapon – Triangle (PS5), Scroll Mouse Wheel Down (PC)
  • Camera – Right Stick (PS5), None (PC)
  • Activate Archon Fury – L3 + R3 (PS5), Z (PC)
  • Spirit Vision – D-pad Left (PS5), G (PC)
  • Life Stone – Square Button (PS5), R (PC)
  • Place Banner – D-pad Up (PS5), V (PC)
  • Target-Lock – R3 (PS5), Mouse Wheel Click (PC)
  • Takedown – R3 (PS5), F (PC)
  • Quick Turn – D-pad Down (PS5), Q (PC)
  • Open Menu – Touchpad Button (PS5), I (PC)
  • Options Menu – Options Button (PS5), O (PC)
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