Godfall: How to Get the Orb Of Oblivion

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Godfall might not be the best live-service looter-slasher out there but the game has a lot of potential, it just needs an offline mode and better tutorials for some of the combat mechanics.

Thankfully, Godfall continues to get updates and there is a good section of players who like the combat, along with the gameplay loop, so there’s a good chance that this game will last a while, hopefully getting better along the way.


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Godfall: How to Get the Orb Of Oblivion

Looting materials is great so that you can make great weapons and armor, which is why Godfall players have been looking for items called the Orb of Oblivion, a material needed to make the Hinterclaw, which is the final Valorplate.

If you just started playing Godfall, know that the Orb of Oblivion will be out of your reach for a while since it’s an endgame material only accessible after the main story campaign has been finished.


Once you’ve finished Godfall’s single-player campaign, the Dreamstone Missions will become accessible, acting as post-game quests so you can get even better materials.

You’re gonna have to farm the Dreamstone Missions multiple times so you can find the Orb of Oblivion since it drops randomly so best be prepared.

Maybe have friends or use your best weapons, either way, you’re in for one hell of a grind to get the Orb of Oblivion.

Fans will probably complain about the repetitive nature of getting this item but that’s why a lot of people don't like Godfall.

Godfall is now available on the PlayStation 5 and PC, with rumors of a PS4 port coming out soon.