Godfall: How to Soulshatter

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Godfall won’t go down in history as the worst launch game but it’s also far from the best, as the unfriendly user-interface (UI) and generic looter-slasher formula have frustrated players, which is a shame since many people seem to enjoy the combat.

The future of Godfall is an interesting one, especially if those reports of a PS4 port end up becoming true, but we do hope that this game finds a lease on life soon, rather than just becoming another Anthem.

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Godfall: How to Soulshatter

If Godfall wants to succeed in the future, the devs have to do a better job of explaining some of the game’s mechanics, with many a player wondering how they should do things like dealing Soulshatter damage.

Apparently, Soulshatter damage in Godfall is when you make a good bit of the enemy’s life bar white before crushing all of that all away with a big attack, leaving the enemy open for even more attacks.

Simply put, you have to keep hitting the enemy with light attacks, which will make the enemy’s life bar white, before hitting them with a heavy attack that does a ton of damage, as explained earlier.


While that might sound a bit button-mashy, this is a pretty good strategy that will let you do massive damage in Godfall, so definitely go for Soulshatter damage when possible because it could save you in a fight.

Currently, Godfall is available on the PlayStation 5 and PC, with rumors of a PlayStation 4 port, with seemingly no plans to port it on another system, at the least, not anytime soon.

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