Godfall: PS4 Release Teased by PEGI Rating

Godfall was the first game announced for the PS5, but a new certification could have revealed that the game will come to PS4, too.

Here's everything we know so far.

Is Godfall Coming To PS4?

Godfall released on the PS5 and PC back in November of 2020. However, PEGI has just released their age rating (16) for the game on the PS4.

The date is clearly labelled separately from the PC and PS5 release dates, so a current-gen port of the game may be on the way.

A loot-driven title with third-person action combat, Godfall drops the player into 3 different worlds for you to explore and collect loot.

However, there are a few areas where Godfall falls short. Some of the combat can feel repetitive and with a short campaign, the end-game gameplay loop struggles to feel rewarding at times. In fact, we said as much in our review here.

We said:

"Godfall attempts to build a world that players will want to run through ad infinitum to earn fresh loot, but fails to provide adequate reasons to do so," and awarded the loot-slasher a 2.5/5.

A sizeable content drop, dubbed The Primal Update, has dropped since then.

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