Genshin Impact Onikabuto Locations and Uses

Artwork of a purple Onikabuto beetle in Genshin Impact

Artwork of a purple Onikabuto beetle in Genshin Impact

Get those nets ready, Travelers - we're going bug hunting. Specifically, we're looking at the Onikabuto locations in Genshin Impact.

These odd, purple beetles are found in Inazuma and have an affinity for areas that are rich with Electro energy. These cool bugs don't fly away or run from you as you pass by, setting them apart from Teyvat's other wildlife. Their shape is influenced by stag and rhinoceros beetles, and their name in Japanese translates roughly to 'Ghost Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle', confirming their origins.

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Where To Find Onikabuto In Genshin Impact

As a local speciality, the Onikabuto are only found in Inazuma on four of the six different islands. These are Narukami, Kannazuka, Yashiori, and Seirai. There's a grand total of 79 different locations noted that Onikabuto spawn in, and they respawn every 48 hours.

Some key areas to look for the purple beetles are on rocks, near bushes, on trees, and inside some caves. Occasionally, you can find more than one in a location - especially on trees. The good thing is that these beetles don't get scared and fly away, so you don't need to worry about losing them.

You can also get four Onikabuto from Shouta in Inazuma City. He'll only give you this gift once, though.

As a side note, during the story quests for Arataki Itto, you can see red Onikabuto hanging around, but it's impossible to catch them.

Where Are The Best Places To Farm Onikabuto?

There are a couple of areas with higher populations of beetles. These are:

Onikabuto in Inazuma
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  • Narukami Island
    • Around and below the Grand Narukami Shrine
    • Under Tenshukaku - a few spawn each day
  • Kannazuka Island
    • Tatarasuna holds a fair few beetles
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  • Seirai Island
    • The southwest side of Amakumo Peak has six Onikabuto locations

What Do I Need Onikabuto For?

You can currently use Onikabuto as two things: ascension materials and crafting components.

Since Version 2.3, the bugs are required to ascend Arataki Itto - needing a total of 168 to get him to level 90. They're also used to craft the Electro Treasure Compass. This works in the Inazuma region and scouts out hidden chests for you.

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