How To Get Free Klee Outfit For Theresa in Honkai Impact 3rd

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Aside from the two guest characters, the upcoming Genshin Impact collaboration event will have a new costume for Theresa in Honkai impact 3rd. The costume will change her outfit and hairstyle to that of the Spark Knight Klee. Here's what we know on how to get the free outfit in the upcoming event.

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Klee Outfit for Theresa

As seen on the Mihoyo development diary video, the Honkai Impact 3rd team brainstormed on who to give a costume for this event. Finding a similarity between Klee and Theresa Apocalypse, the developers decided to give Theresa Klee's costume for the event.

Both characters were noted to be childish and had access to explosive power hence their connection. While Klee is a literal child that can conjure magical explosives, Theresa purposefully acts like a child and can rain down an arsenal of explosive weaponry on her foes.


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How To Get The Outfit

As of now, Mihoyo has yet to fully detail how to earn the Klee costume for Theresa. If previous events are to be followed, the Klee costume can be earned through clearing event quests, event dungeons, and battle pass to get the new costume.

The costume is purely cosmetic as the outfit change will not grant Theresa new abilities.


Klee In Genshin Impact

As of now, Klee is a main character in the story of the current Midsummer Island Adventure event. To help Klee track down a mysterious person hiding in a deserted archipelago, the Traveler, Jean and Barbara joins her search for the Dodo King. The last time lock for the event is about to be unlocked soon and should show the conclusion of the event soon.

Aside from searching for the mysterious Dodo King, the event also counts as a summer getaway for the Traveler and her party members.

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