Genshin Impact: How To Defeat Maguu Kenki

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Genshin Impact 1.6 has brought along a new story quest that players may do to earn various rewards in the game.

Of course, this story quest would require you to defeat some enemies along the way, including the Maguu Kenki which can be considered as a boss enemy. It can provoke you to engage in a battle, so being ready to fight all the time is really a must while navigating through the game.


With that being said, here’s how you can defeat Maguu Kenki In Genshin Impact.

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How To Unlock Maguu Kenki In Genshin Impact

You can unlock the battle to beat Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact after you finish the quest called 'Dodo-King of the Sea: Lying in Wait' which is also the third act of the Midsummer Island Adventure in the Golden Apple Archipelago.

How To Defeat Maguu Kenki In Genshin Impact

Maguu Kenki tends to deal damage continuously. It does not use any tricks or spells that may cause other effects – it just targets you to deal damage.


With that, the best way to defeat it is by having stable health and stamina at all times. Move freely to dodge its attacks. And if an opening would suddenly show up, do not hesitate to deal more damage by using elemental skills or bursts.

Also, you must be aware that Maguu Kenki could become stronger once its health would be depleted in half. The buffed Maguu Kenki can deal with three more powerful attacks.

By the time it happens, be careful when you try to dodge its attacks. The boosted attacks can cover up a wide area, so if you go in the wrong direction while trying to escape, then it may even deal damage to you instead.

Maguu Kenki Weakness

Having a line-up consisting of powerful attackers and defensive characters could be the best thing to do. A great balance in offense and defense is the key to defeat Maguu Kenki.


Five-star characters such as the Pyro-type Hu Tao could be the main DPS hero that you can use against Maguu Kenki because of its high damage output.

While Zhongli- one of the best defensive characters in the game can also be included in your party to establish a boosted defense especially with the boss enemy's straightforward mindset of just dealing enormous amounts of damage.

Maguu Kenki Rewards

Some of the possible drops given when you defeat the Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact include the Shivada Jade Silver which can become either the Shivada Jade Fragment (Level 40+), Shivada Jade Chunk (Level 60+), and the Shivada Jade Gemstone (Level 75+).

You can also be rewarded with the Vayuda Torquoise Silver which may also become either the Vayuda Torquoise Fragment (Level 40+), Vayuda Torquoise Chunk (Level 60+), and the Vayuda Torquoise Gemstone (Level 75+).

Artifacts are also up for grabs, such as the Lucky Dog set, Berserker set, Gladiator's Finale set, Instructor's set, and the Wanderer's Troupe set.

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