When is Fischl from Genshin Impact coming to Honkai Impact 3rd

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Mihoyo has recently confirmed that Fischl will be playable in Honkai Impact 3rd as part of the game's crossover event with Genshin Impact. The character's outfit looks similar to her usual getup in Genshin but she fights differently in this game. However, when will Fishcl arrive in Genshin Impact 3rd.

New Update Next Month

As seen in the Honkai Impact 3rd's store, the next update is slated to arrive on July 9. The update would bring the whole Genshin Impact crossover event. Players can play as Keqing and Fischl in the event.

Players can keep Fischl as a permanent party member in Honkai Impact 3rd if obtained during the event.

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How Fischl Plays In Honkai Impact 3rd

Unlike her Genshin Impact counterpart, Fischl in Honkai Impact 3rd is geared towards mechanics that rewards quick, precise shooting instead of rapid firing her bow while Oz assists her.

In Honkai Impact 3rd, the developers confirm that she'll be the game's first archer. Her attacks can be aimed and can hit specific enemy weakspots to further improve her damage.

Moreover, Fischl functions as a supportive character as she'll have rely on electric raven Oz and her other allies to contribute in fights.

Lastly, her animations look similar in Genshin Impact but Fischl actually fights more freely due to Honkai Impact's active fighting system.

Fischl In Genshin Impact

As of now, Fischl remains a strong team carry when she has good equipment and a lot of constellations available. Out of all the bow-type characters, Fischl benefits well as Physical damage normal attacker but also has a potential to dish out massive Electro damage.

The character has yet to appear in the game's story spotlight after the incident with the meteorites that knock people asleep. However, she has new unique interactions when placed as a companion in the Teapot World.

We'll have to wait until this Honkai Impact 3rd crossover event starts to see more of Fischl soon.

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