The Best Genshin Impact Gorou Build

June 21, 2022: Gorou is in Arataki Itto's banner - which will start today! Get those Primogems ready.

As an odd combination of Vision element and weapon choice, it can be hard to figure out the best way to set up Gorou. So, what is the best Genshin Impact Gorou build?

We've had a while to get used to his combat style, and what to equip him with for the best performance. Our page will give you a rundown of who he is, which artifacts and weapons are best, and his all-important Ascension materials.

We've got all the latest information you need about Genshin Impact's upcoming Updates 2.9 and 3.0, plus a handy tier list so you can check how your team matches up.

Who Is Gorou In Genshin Impact?

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The general of the Sangonomiya Resistance, Gorou plays a major part in fighting against Baal's Vision Hunt Decree: a huge story arc that reportedly kicked off in the Inazuma region one year before the events of the game that sees the Electro Archon seek to confiscate the majority of Visions from their wielders.

Kazuha states that Gorou is often one to speak his own mind without much care for anyone else's feelings. Despite this, he gets along well with his subordinates and doesn't hesitate to protect them. This could point either towards a defensive presence on the battlefield or a powerful offensive stance.

Genshin Impact Gorou Banner

Gorou will have higher drop rates in Arataki Itto's rerun banner this month, between June 21 and July 20. Other than that, he is available in the Standard banner.

Genshin Impact Gorou Build and Abilities

General Gorou is a Geo Vision user, and wields a bow as his weapon. He hits hard for a bow user thanks to the Geo element, and is a reliable source in critical battles.

Genshin Impact Gorou Weapon And Artifacts

As the only Geo bow user, we advise you equip Gorou with Elegy for the End. Alternatively, the Favonius Warbow, or Sacrificial Bow will do nicely. All three of these come with the bonus effect of Energy Recharge.

In terms of Artifacts, you're going to want to aim for the Husk of Opulent Dreams set. This will give Gorou the Curiosity effect, boosting his attack while on the field. Other than this, the Emblem of Severed Fate set provide ample Energy Recharge as well as Elemental Burst Damage.

Gorou's Ascension Materials

To ascend Gorou through the ranks of levels, you'll need a few things:

  • Prithiva Topaz Slivers, Fragments, Chunks and Gemstones
  • Sango Pearls
  • Perpetual Hearts
  • Spectral Heart and Nucleus

As a Geo user, he'll need Prithiva Topaz, like characters introduced before him. You'll also need a lot of Mora, but this will be spread over a long time so you needn't worry about running out.

Genshin Impact Gorou Voice Actor - English and Japanese

Although the English Gorou Genshin Impact voice actor has yet to be revealed, Miyoho has gone ahead and confirmed that Gorou's Japanese voice actor is Tasuku Hatanaka.

Active in the industry for around 15 years now, there's a good chance you'll recognize the Japanese voice of Gorou as Flegel Reeves from Attack on Titan, Denki Kaminari in My Hero Academia, Yuma Tsukumo in Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, and Tōma Shinjō from Stars Align.

On the shojo side of the anime spectrum, Gorou's Japanese voice actor has lent his vocal cords to Eiji Busujima in Senryu Girl and Taiga Kōgami in King of Prism.

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