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Genshin Impact Gorou - Everything We Know

What is the best Genshin Impact Gorou build? With the massive Genshin Impact 2.0 update now available, speculative release dates and builds for a multitude of new and potentially playable characters like Thoma, Kokomi, and Scaramouche can help you build and budget your future team. And although details are sparse at the minute, a Genshin Impact Gorou build is due to be a major talking point whenever he finally arrives.

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Until we can reliably get into how he'll potentially bolster your team, though, there's plenty of time to cover what we do know about this otherwise elusive character. He's slowly cropping up in more and more character voice lines and story beats as the Inazuma campaign progresses. It probably won't be long until we know exactly what he can bring to the battlefield.

Genshin Impact Gorou - Everything We Know

The general of the Sangonomiya Resistance, Gorou plays a major part in fighting against Baal's Vision Hunt Decree: a huge story arc that reportedly kicked off in the Inazuma region one year before the events of the game that sees the Electro Archon seek to confiscate the majority of Visions from their wielders.

Kazuha states that Gorou is often one to speak his own mind without much care for anyone else's feelings. Despite this, he gets along well with his subordinates and doesn't hesitate to protect them. This could point either towards a defensive presence on the battlefield or a powerful offensive stance.

Genshin Impact Gorou standing tall among his troops during the Inazuma storyline.
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Genshin Impact Gorou Release Date


There is no Gorou release date set in stone just yet, but that can't stop us from speculating when it might arrive. Given we already know that Baal and Sara will feature in the next Genshin Impact 2.1 banner after Yoimiya and Sayu, Gorou isn't a character we'll be playing in the immediate future.

Assuming a Gorou release date even exists on Miyoho's calendar this early on, we suspect he'll be available potentially in the latter half of the 2.1 update. That could place us somewhere towards October time.

Genshin Impact Gorou Banner

Again, we need to stress that this is all based on speculative information right now. Judging off the data, hints, and patterns formed across past banners and trailers, we do think there's a very strong likelihood that Gorou will be a playable character. As for an actual banner - well, that's obvious, isn't it?

Right now, it doesn't seem likely Gorou will star in a banner of his own. We think he's going to be a four-star character, which don't typically get a feature spot. Like Yanfei, we suspect he'll arrive as part of a character rerun banner between new five-star releases, perhaps whenever an Albedo rerun kicks off.

The current theory points toward Gorou being a late addition to Genshin Impact 2.1. A brief moment in the 2.0 trailer showed six characters: Ayaka, Yoimiya, Sayu, Kokomi, Thoma, and Sara. The first three of these have either already debuted or are confirmed to come sometime in version 2.0.

Assuming a rerun banner arrives in the second half of 2.0, the final three characters in the lineup could kick off version 2.1. As Gorou was not part of the trailer lineup, we can assume he'll come as part of a 2.1 rerun or perhaps even as late as 2.2.

Genshin Impact Gorou Build and Abilities


With the character still being potentially many months away from release, mapping out a Gorou build just isn't possible at the moment. Gorou isn't even part of the current 2.1 beta, after all.

Unlike Raiden Shogun and a few others, we're completely in the dark on what his abilities could be. They could even change dramatically from now until release, depending on how he performs whenever he does finally arrive for beta testers to try out (and inevitably leak).

That being said, as we know he's a Geo user, expect a mostly defensive set of skills. Although Geo characters can (and often do) hit hard, their ability to spawn shields and easily set up elemental reactions tends to see them take on the support or sub-DPS role.

If we were to lean heavily on the character's brief introduction text during the 2.0 livestream, he could be one of the more powerful Geo users around right now.

Said to be "very dependable in critical moments" and able to "become more fierce throughout battle," it sounds as if he'll either be able to stack buffs for his team over time or simply increase his own stats as his HP gets lower, similar to Hu Tao.

Genshin Impact Gorou Weapon

In both the 2.0 Special Program and the Genshin Impact Gorou voice actor announcement tweet, Gorou is seen wielding a bow. That's about all the proof we need to know that the upcoming character will be the game's seventh bow user.

He'll be the game's very first Geo Bow user, which adds further difficulty in speculating on his moveset.

Tōma Shinjō in Stars Align, who is voiced by Genshin Impact Gorou voice actor Tasuku Hatanaka.
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Genshin Impact Gorou Voice Actor - English and Japanese

Although the English Gorou Genshin Impact voice actor has yet to be revealed, Miyoho has gone ahead and confirmed that Gorou's Japanese voice actor is Tasuku Hatanaka.

Active in the industry for around 15 years now, there's a good chance you'll recognize the Japanese voice of Gorou as Flegel Reeves from Attack on Titan, Denki Kaminari in My Hero Academia, Yuma Tsukumo in Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, and Tōma Shinjō from Stars Align.

On the shojo side of the anime spectrum, Gorou's Japanese voice actor has lent his vocal cords to Eiji Busujima in Senryu Girl and Taiga Kōgami in King of Prism.