Genshin Impact 2.9 Leaks, Release Date, and Everything We Know

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The big Genshin Impact 2.9 update may be several months out, but that hasn’t stopped a handful of leaks from making the rounds. While this info is subject to change more than the Genshin Impact 2.7 leaks we reported on, there’s still enough to get a solid idea of what to expect in the upcoming patch – assuming it happens to begin with.

This guide covers everything we know about Genshin Impact 2.9 so far, including its likely release date, the banners that may show up, and any major developments to shake up the game.

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When Is the Genshin Impact 2.9 Release Date?

Assuming Hoyoverse follows its usual pattern of each update lasting six weeks, Genshin 2.9 should release around the middle or end of July. It, too, will likely last six weeks, though it might not be 2.9 at all.

There’s some uncertainty over whether the 2.8 patch will be the last before Sumeru, similar to Hoyoverse skipping to 2.0 in 2021 after update 1.6.

If that’s the case, expect the update after 2.8 to have much more new content, including the long-rumored new five-star male character, at least part of the Sumeru region, and the long-awaited introduction of Dendro, the final element.

What Are the Genshin Impact 2.9 Banners?

The patch’s banners are anyone’s guess at this point, though the Sussy 15 leak from a few months back suggested we’d see either Heizou or Kuki Shinobu as the first major Dendro character. We already know Shinobu is an Electro character, and leaks suggest Beizhou won’t be playable yet, so that leaves Heizou. Yaoyao, one of the four-star characters leaked during the first beta, is also reportedly making an appearance, though she may be given out for free after completing her hangout event.

Sussy’s leak also suggested that Yaoyao would lead players from the Chasm to Sumeru City.


What Are the Genshin Impact 2.9 Events?

There’s much less speculation about what events the patch may introduce, though the same leak from Sussy points to some potentially big additions later in the patch or in the following one. They suggest a new high-level area in Mondstadt will be made playable and also that Liyue is only 70% complete. Whether that’s pre- or post-Chasm is uncertain, though.

And that's about all there is to say on the topic of the Genshin Impact 2.9 release date and leaked details. Again, take everything here with a grain of salt. Leaks are rarely concrete, and the release date simply uses the game's traditional six-week update schedule as an estimate. The 1.X series of updates didn't hit 1.9 before moving straight into 2.0, and there's every chance the same could happen here.