Genshin Impact Violetgrass - Locations And Best Farming Route

Violetgrass item in Genshin Impact

The wild and wonderous landscape of Genshin Impact is stuffed full of farmable materials, often specific to each area. One of these is the Violetgrass flower, found in Liyue.

The Violetgrass flower is a requirement for some character upgrades and cooking recipes, and you'll need a lot to fully complete the ascensions. This flower grows in a hard to reach places on mountainsides, but that's where we come in: we have a guide that'll help you farm tons of Violetgrass plants efficiently in the game.

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Violetgrass Locations

Violetgrass is found in the Liyue region. Getting to the region is easy enough but these flowers only grow on cliff faces of the mountainous formations in the area. Trying to find these flowers manually can be tedious, so we recommend this handy map!

The Best Violetgrass Farming Routes

Fortunately, the Genshin Impact community has collected enough data where all the item pickups can be found. According to them, many Violetgrass flowers can be found off the mountainsides of Mingyun Village and Qingce Village. These areas are generally easier to traverse as the Traveler can teleport to the top of these mountains through the Teleport waypoint.

On the other end, the Huaguang Stone Forest also has Violetgrass flowers spawning on its cliff faces. This area has its tall rock formations far away from each other. While the flowers are easier to spot, it gets more difficult to reach them if your glide loses height. Stamina management is crucial here.

Growing Violetgrass In The Serenitea Pot

On top of searching the wilderness for these pesky flowers, you can plant them in the Serenitea Pot. This is a great way to get a few flowers at a time.

Tubby will sell 5 Violetgrass seeds per week in the Realm Depot. These can be planted in the Luxuriant Glebe farming area, and will take 70 hours to grow.

Shops That Sell Violetgrass

Luckily, there are a couple of retailers that sell Violetgrass, too! These both restock every three days, and both merchants sell 5 at a time, for 1,000 Mora each.

They are Herbalist Gui at the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor, and Verr Goldet at the Wangshu Inn in Liyue.

Violetgrass Uses In Genshin Impact

Xinyan and Qiqi in genshin Impact
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As of now, Violetgrass has few uses in Genshin Impact. These flowers are needed to ascend two characters: Xinyan and Qiqi. You'll need 168 each to fully ascend Xinyan and Qiqi to level 80.

Meanwhile, the Violetgrass can also be used as cooking ingredients for the Black-Back Perch Stew, Wanmin Restaurant's Boiled Fish, Bountiful Year, and Stone Harbor Delicacies.

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