These 4-Star Characters Could Feature in the Kazuha Banner

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When is the Genshin Impact Kazuha release?

The 1.6 update is well underway, and as is often the case, miHoYo is saving the new Genshin Impact character for the update’s second half.

Midsummer Island Adventure ends June 28, and we expect the Kazuha banner release to be June 29 or June 30.


Thanks to Genshin leaker and dataminer Lumie_Lumie, we might know what else to expect from the Kazuha banner as well.

They posted the Kazuha banner 4-star characters on Twitter based on information from the 1.6 trial, noting that they could change between now and the banner’s start date.

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When Does the Genshin Impact Kazuha Banner Start?

If they remain the same, we’ll see these characters join the Kazuha banner as 4-star pulls:


Rosaria was the new character in Genshin 1.4 just a few months previously.

miHoYo doesn’t usually recycle new characters so soon, but if it does hold true, it’s a pattern we certainly won’t complain about.

Normally, new characters are exclusive to their event banners, so if you miss them the first time, you have to wait several months or longer for another chance.

We also know the new Freedom Sworn Sword will join the Epitome Invocation.

It’s a 5-star sword with high base damage and Elemental Mastery, with a special skill that increases the user’s damage and attack extensively.

It’s essentially designed for Kazuha but would work perfectly with any other sword user in the game, including the Traveler.

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