Genshin Impact Rosaria: Banner, Skills, Best Build, and Everything We Know

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miHoYo released a new trailer for Genshin Impact’s Rosaria, the new 1.4 character, and while it doesn’t say when the Rosaria banner will start, it does offer a glimpse at her swift combat skills in action.

Genshin Impact’s Rosaria is the only new 1.4 character.


She’s a nun in the Church of Favonius, but religious duties are at the bottom of her to-do list.

In fact, Rosaria can’t stand prayer, choir practice, or sitting in church.

The only prayer she encourages, the trailer tells us, is in her enemies because they better pray to something before she’s finished with them.

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Rosaria is a four-star character, but she’s a mighty warrior with flexible attack and critical hit rates that could fit on any team.

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Rosaria Banner

The Genshin Impact Rosaria banner, Farewell to Snezhnaya, starts when the Venti banner ends on April 6.


However, Rosaria isn’t the only character in the banner, as it also includes Tartaglia(Childe) again.

As always with character banners, Rosaria’s drop rate will be slightly boosted for the event’s duration.

Since she’s a four-star character, Genshin’s pity system means you have a higher chance of obtaining her anyway.

It guarantees a four-star weapon or character after nine rolls where you don’t obtain one.

It’s unclear how long the Rosaria banner will last, but three weeks is the usual run time.Rosaria Stats and Elemental Skill

Rosaria is a Cryo polearm fighter with high attack and decent defense.


Her Elemental Skill is Ravaging Confession, which lets Rosaria shift behind enemies to deliver a strong Cryo strike.

Rosaria’s Elemental Burst is Rite of Termination.

It deals Cryo AoE damage, then drives a giant Ice Lance into the ground that emits freezing air for more Cryo AoE damage.

Rosaria Passives and Constellations

Rosaria’s noteworthy passives and Constellations raise her critical rate and Cryo damage.

Regina Probationum, for example, raises her critical rate by 12% after using her Elemental Skill, while the Unholy Revelation Constellation extends how long her critical rate increase remains in effect.

This is her first Constellation, which you can activate by rolling a duplicate Rosaria. 


Even after you obtain Rosaria during the event, keep spending Intertwined Fates while it lasts for a greater chance of unlocking her Constellations.

Rosaria Ascension Materials

Rosaria’s Ascension materials are the usual ones for a Cryo character.

Shivada items and Hoarfrost Cores come from Cryo Regisvine, and you’ll find Valberries on Stormbearer Mountain.

Insignia items come from Fatui enemies, though you can sometimes trade Anemo Sigils for them in Mondstadt or even buy them with Stardust from Paimon’s Bargains.

Best Rosaria Build

Any good Rosaria build will focus on maximizing her critical rate and Cryo damage. 


Berserker Artifacts obtained from Domains and chests around Mondstadt are ideal for Rosaria, though Martial Artist and Gladiator Artifacts are good complements.

If you want to focus on Cryo, go for the Blizzard Strayer set.

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