Genshin Impact: How To Find Secret Furniture Blueprint Stores

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Ever since the introduction of the Teapot World and Companion system, many players are looking for furniture to build for character-specific sets. However, some of these furniture aren't found inside the Realm Shop and must be found from merchants in Teyvat. Here's where you can find them.

Goth Grand Hotel Shop

While in Mondstadt, go to the fountain to the south of the Knights of Favonius headquarters and find Goth near the benches. He is the owner of the Goth Grand Hotel which is fully booked by Fatui forces. The Fatui presence in his hotel is hampering his plans to renovate the hotel and will sell blueprints to you.


The blueprints he sells are required to build furniture used for some outdoor sets that some companions, like Bennett or Qiqi, may like. Make sure to have enough Mora as the blueprints costs around 50,000 to take home.

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Qingce Village Master Carpenter Shop

Here is Master Lu's Master Carpenter Shop in Qingce Village
Here is Master Lu's Master Carpenter Shop in Qingce Village

Similar to the Goth Grand Hotel shop, the merchant for this shop is also an old man. To find this shop, proceed to Qingce Village and go west toward the houses and find Master Lu.

In his store, Master Lu will sell a few blueprints for furniture which are also needed outdoor sets. Once you've bought all from blueprints from the Master Carpenter and Goth Grand Hotel Shop, you'll be set on building some important furniture sets.


Making Encampment-style Furniture Sets

Even though you buy blueprints for people who seem to focus on making houses and interiors, the Traveler will find that these blueprints are actually for outdoor tents, and camping luggage.

All of these blueprints are needed to build camps like the "Iter Ad Astra Abyssosque" furniture set. Some furniture sets can be built for your companions to get a reward. For most characters, the Traveler is rewarded with yet another unique interaction and a bunch of Primogems which makes it worth building these furniture sets.

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