Genshin Impact: How To Pre-Load Version 1.5 On PC, iOS and Android

Genshin Impact's next big update, version 1.5, is almost here.

The latest content drop is expected to add Eula and Yanfei, customisable housing, and plenty more when it launches later this week. Looking to jump in as soon as possible? We've got good news.

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Genshin Impact: How To Pre-Load Version 1.5

On Console

First, the bad news – you can't pre-load the update on console, so you'll have to wait a little while until the update lands.


Thankfully, PC players can pre-load through the game's launcher. Just open the latest version of the launcher and hit 'Pre-Install' to ensure you're prepped and ready for the update.

On Mobile

To pre-load on mobile, you'll want to open the Paimon Menu, hit settings, other, and then 'Pre-Install Resource Package' to download the required files.

This works on iOS and Android, too.

For everything we know about the 1.5 update so far, check out our page here.

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