miHoYo Shows Off 8 Minutes of Genshin Impact PS5 Footage

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Genshin Impact is coming to PS5 on April 28 as part of the Genshin Impact 1.5 update, and it’s bringing more than just a shiny, fast new way to play Genshin Impact.

We’ve outlined Genshin’s PS5 changes at length elsewhere, but miHoYo technical director Zhenzhong Yi outlined what the new hardware means for Genshin in more detail in a new PlayStation Blog post.

miHoYo wanted to release Genshin Impact PS5 as soon as possible, believing it’s the most immersive way to experience the game.


However, there were some challenges involved.

The team is still getting used to what the PlayStation 5 can do, so what we’re getting with the DualSense and even the graphical improvements is just the start.

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miHoYo Shows Off 8 Minutes of Genshin Impact PS5 Footage

For now, miHoYo has created an entire new library of textures for the game and some basic DualSense haptic feedback functions.

The SSD means travel times are almost gone, and there’s even a new version of Qingyun Peak only for the PS5.

The team also “built a customized file-loading system to take advantage of the powerful SSD of the PS5.”


That means future updates will bring “much more potential to elevate the visual quality and game performance.”

You can get an idea of how Genshin Impact looks and plays on PS5 in the nearly eight minute long gameplay video miHoYo provided as a preview.

[Source: PS Blog]