Genshin Impact: How To Change Your Name

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Genshin Impact took the gaming industry by storm last year when it was released during the time of an ongoing pandemic. Since people were forced to stay at home, the game quickly attracted a lot of gamers, and it continues up to this day.

With the game being an open-world RPG, you will have your own avatar alongside the acquirable characters in the game. You’ll even get the chance to name your account avatar the way you like it, so you will be called with the best gamer name while grinding and navigating through Genshin Impact’s game areas.


Keep digging through this guide to know how you can change your name in Genshin Impact.

How to Change Your Name in Genshin Impact

You need to first open Genshin Impact and head to the main menu. There, you will see the icon next to your account name.

Choose the Edit Nickname option and it will allow you to enter the character name you want to use.


And that’s it. It’s simple as that. But always remember that even if you have the freedom to use any name in the game, those which are considered offensive under the game’s Code of Conduct are not allowed.

Other Ways to Change Your Name in Genshin Impact

Aside from the method mentioned above, there are also other ways you can change your name in Genshin Impact.

This includes the use of a Change Namecard or the Edit Signature feature. You may also opt to change your avatar by selecting Change Avatar, and by doing so, it will display your desired avatar whenever you would play Genshin Impact on any platform.


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