12 Jul 2021 8:30 PM +00:00

Will There Be a Genshin Impact Halloween Event? Probably Not and Here's Why

Fans hoped for Genshin Impact Halloween events following the game's launch in September 2020, and while there's some speculation a Genshin Impact Halloween event might happen in 2021, we're thinking that's probably not the case.

For one thing, there are no holidays in Genshin Impact, or at least, not ones celebrated outside the fictional world of Teyvat.

It seems unlikely that will change anytime soon, since there's another October festival that fits better with the game: the Moonchase Festival.


The Genshin Impact Moonchase Festival is... well, mostly still a mystery. However, miHoYo said in an older blog post that the event is supposed to coincide with the game's first anniversary.

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Will There Be a Genshin Impact Halloween Event?

It's also when we might see Keqing's story quest finally added to the game, since the Liyue festival is supposed to revolve around her in some way.

miHoYo was still quiet about what the festival involves, though it's supposed to involve several "stories" connected to Keqing.

Whether it's the focus of another major update later this year or just a small event such as the Windbloom Festival remains to be seen.

With Inazuma being rolled out in stages, however, it seems likely Moonchase and any other seasonal events will be small in nature so the development team can focus on the larger updates.

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