miHoYo Could Finally Add a Keqing Story Quest to Genshin Impact Soon

miHoYo could be adding a Genshin Impact Keqing quest in the next update or soon after.

The rumor comes from noted Genshin leaker Genshin Report who suggested the Keqing quest will find its way to the game as part of the Genshin Impact anniversary event.

The Electro sword wielder will play a small role in the anniversary overall, the leaker said, and it coincides with the leaked Moonchase Festival and other anniversary celebrations.

Genshin Report didn’t say what these other celebrations might be, but did mention it will involve more than just free Primogems and a new banner.

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miHoYo Could Finally Add a Keqing Story Quest to Genshin Impact Soon

Currently, the lack of a Keqing quest is notable because she’s one of the only five-star characters not to have their own story quest.

Story quests are a chance for these characters to shine, which is good since they often don’t have much role in the main Archon quests.

They typically let you play as that character for a short time as well.

We’d be surprised if the addition of a Keqing quest during the Genshin anniversary event didn’t also have a Keqing rerun banner accompanying it.

The Genshin Impact anniversary is September 28 and the 1.7 livestream airs July 9 (or the 2.0 livestream, if rumors are true). We won’t have to wait long until we find out what’s in store.

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