Every New Genshin Impact Inazuma Monsters Leaked So Far

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Aside from the new playable characters, other Genshin Impact content leaks also include the enemies you’ll find in Inazuma. So far, the new enemies include large element-wielding samurais, the Shogun’s soldiers, and other Electro-themed enemies. Here’s what we know about the next region’s generic enemies for the next update.

Inazuma Enemies

As seen on leaks from the insiders posted on Bilibili, the new Inazuma enemies are listed as follows:

  • Nobushi: Jintaou-Ban
  • Nobushi: Hitsuke-Ban
  • Nobushi: Kikou-Ban
  • Ochimusha: Cankered Flame
  • Ochimusha: Ensorcelled Thunder
  • Adjutant Samurai
  • Shogunate Infantry Captain/Sangonomiya Cohort 
  • Shogunate Infantry
  • Thunderhelm Lawachurl 
  • Electro Samachurl 
  • Pyro Hypostasis
  • Ruin Scout
  • Ruin Cruiser
  • Ruin Destroyer
  • Ruin Defender
  • Electro Whooperflower

If the leak proves true, the Inazuma region will be filled with camps of these enemies. The new enemies could also tease new item drops that could be needed for crafting and upgrading items.

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Inazuma Equivalents

Basing from their looks, Inazuma could introduce its own set of Fatui soldiers, Treasure Hoarders, Hilichurls, and even Abyss Mages. The Nobushi enemies could be the region’s own Fatui soldiers who could tower over the player characters in height and use elements in battle. Meanwhile, the Ochimusha could be the Abyss Mage equivalent in Inazuma.


The Adjutant Samurai and the Shogunate forces could be the Treasure Hoarders of the region. Instead of fighting thieves, the Traveler could find themselves fighting the Shogun’s forces due to the Vision Hunt decree.

As expected, the Hilichurls and the Whooperflower also received its own Electro version in Inazuma. As the region is regarded as the nation under the Electro Archon’s authority, introducing the Electro enemies that are yet to be seen in Mondstadt and Liyue is expected.

Lastly, the new Ruin enemies could be enemies similar to mechanical Ruin Guards and Ruin Hunters. These enemies could introduce more about the technology of the fallen nation of Khaenri’ah.

As Early As Update 1.7

So far, Mihoyo has already confirmed that Inazuma will be introduced by update 1.7. Along Yoimiya and Ayaka’s inclusion in the game, the new region could have these enemies for players to fight as well.

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