Genshin Impact Dragonspine Tablets Guide: Where To Find and What They Do

Genshin Impact has been one of 2020's sleeper hits, and the team at MiHoYo is ending the year with a bang.

The developer's latest update to the title added Dragonspine, a huge new snowy area that's crammed full of secrets.

One such secret requires players to hunt down a series of stone tablets in the area. Here's where to find them, which will earn you a new Snow-Tombed Starsilver Greatsword for your efforts.

Genshin Impact Dragonspine Tablets Guide

The tablets will take some work to get a hold of, and you'll want a solid Pyro character to aid you.

Here's all we know:

Tablet 1 - Near Snow-Covered Path

This tablet is by the water to the east of Snow Covered Path.

It's easy to spot and can be interacted with without fulfilling any other requirements.

Tablet 2 - Near Wyrmrest Valley

For this tablet, you'll want to head west from the Wyrmrest Valley spawn point, along the pathway and jumping over the broken bridge.

Head up a hill, then look right to find it tucked away overlooking the mountain.

Tablet 3 - Near Statue of the Seven

Head to Statue of the Seven, and start wandering south.

The tablet is in one of the rooms off of the temple that the statue is at the top of.

Tablet 4 - Near Skyfrost Fall

From the Statue of the Seven, hop off the ledge and head south, around the outside of the ruins.

Hop across some ledges and you'll find Starglow Cavern.

To activate the tablet here, you'll need to collect three treasures:

  • Immediately west of Starglow Cavern
  • East of Snow-Covered Path (in the water)
  • Just to the west of the narrow chasm between Wyrmrest Valley and Entombed City

Tablet 5 - Starglow Cavern

Head to Starglow Cavern again, and then climb the eastern mountain.

Then, glide around the side of it towards the large blue crystals.

The tablet is on top of a rocky outcrop.

Tablet 6 - Starglow Cavern

This one is a tad trickier, as it involves solving a puzzle – although it's easy when you know what you're doing.

Spawn on the Starglown Cavern waypoint and start heading towards Mingyun Village.

Break the red crystal to gain a buff, which will then allow you to shatter the ice, revealing the tablet.

Tablet 7 - Near Wyrmrest Valley

Head to Wyrmrest valley and start heading south.

You'll need to solve a puzzle to open up a hole in the ground to allow access to the tablet. Here's how courtesy of Taka gg.

Tablet 8 - Dragonspine Domain

The last tablet needs to be accessed through an unlockable waypoint.

Again, check out Taka gg's guide below:

Activate the Mechanism

Head south of the Statue of the Seven and you'll be able to activate the mechanism outside the cave.

It's right next to Tablet 3.

Once inside, light up all four torches in the corners of the room to earn a free 4-star Claymore weapon!

In fact, we'd recommend watching Taka gg's excellent tutorial:

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