Genshin Impact - Best Party Setups To Build In Update 1.6

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Genshin Impact presents a myriad of characters with a variety of skills, moves, and their own capabilities in battle. While some are incredibly useful characters by themselves, others depend on various factors to shine more, like the team around them. Today we will talk about team building and how important it can be in later stages of the game.

First and foremost, it's worth clarifying that there is no such thing as a “bad” character, you can assemble a great team with common characters, and you can even make it work without characters of the same element, depending on what you’re aiming to do. However, there are a few advantages you should keep in mind in terms of synergy and party bonuses.

Genshin Impact Team Building - Elemental Reactions And Resonance

In Genshin Impact, is absolutely essential to understand how the many Elements combine as a part of the combat mechanics and party composition. As we previously discussed in our Elemental Reactions and Resonance Guide, each element will have a different reaction when used together with another element, and having two characters of the same element will give a bonus to the entire party.

Genshin Impact Team Building - Energy Recharge

Attacking enemies using our Elemental Skills will make them drop energy orbs that will fill our character’s energy required to use elemental Burst techniques. Depending on the orb that drops it will give different energy bonuses to our active character, usually depending on if the element matches or not. Because of this, it’s recommended that we have two characters of the same Element, since the chances of obtaining matching energy orbs will be greater, and combined with our Elemental Resonance system it will increase your team's strength noticeably.

Genshin Impact Team Building - Roles

Characters can be divided into 3 role categories: Main DPS, Sub DPS, and Support.

Main DPS
Main DPS are the characters that act as the primary damage dealers, the top damagers of the party, and the ones that you will use by default in battle, whenever you’re not healing or triggering an elemental reaction.

Sub DPS characters are the secondary source of damage and most likely the ones that will focus on triggering Elemental Reactions. Some Sub DPS can also act as Main DPS or Support depending on how you build them, but the thing you want the most is to use characters with short cooldown in their abilities and, ideally, abilities that remain on the battlefield after you switch to another character.

Support characters are the ones that can heal or buff your party. In later stages of the game having at least one in your party is really, really important since boss battles or the Spiral Abyss can be really difficult without a healing source.

Team Examples

There are a few Team examples that you can try if you want, following the points discussed above.

Team Building - Example #1

Ok, this team is pretty simple to understand. 2 Pyro characters mean more Attack, while 2 Hydro characters will boost the incoming healing, which will work wonderfully with Barbara and Bennet at the moment of keeping the party alive. Diluc and Bennet work perfectly as Main and Sub Pyro DPS, with Xingqiu helping to trigger Vaporize and Barbara acting as the main healer. Bennet can also be versatile enough to help to heal the party if something goes wrong, making this setup really solid.

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Team Building - Example #2

This team focuses more on Energy recharging due to the double Electro Boost. Keqing and Fischl are a great DPS duo and two really fast units in terms of energy recharge, with Bennet and Jean both providing Support by boosting and healing the party.

Team Building - Example #3

Ok, this is like, the opposite of following the rules stated above, but hear me out on this. This is a perfect example of a team built on their independent abilities more than their elemental synergy. Keqing is an excellent Main DPS, with Bennet and Venti both providing ways to trigger Elemental Reactions and Sub DPS damage, and Barbara being an excellent Support unit with her healing capabilities. Four characters that despite their different elements still manage to work perfectly as long as their roles are well defined within the group.